About Us

About Us

We have been serving all day favorites since 96, and although the menu has changed and much of the staff, one thing remains, we want you leaving with a smile and satisfaction of your hunger. We serve all day breakfast, all day lunch, and all day supper. What ever you have an inkling for we will facilitate. Our dessert menu has recently been changed so that we have a monthly dessert to keep you guessing. 


November 7, 1996 we were up and running. Before that we used to be the voyager restaurant. Back In the 70’s the Voyager burnt down, and it wasn’t till the mid 90’s Smitty’s was built owned and operated by Matt Nicholson. Later on the business would yield another owner by the name of Miles Nicholson. These brothers ran the business solidly for twenty-three years. In 2019 Miles passed. Miles dealt with mental health issues that lead us to our annual Mental Health awareness pancake week, in which we donate monies for every stack of pancakes we serve during the week. Our employees have always had a wide age range much like a family, which makes working here one of the nicest places to work.

Our Promise

Smitty’s promise of quality: We promise that our food will taste great and be of high quality. If, for any reason, our food or service fails to please you completely, let us know and we will make It right, immediately.

Matt Nicholson

Matt has over thirty-three years with Smitty’s, dating back to 1988 in Regina Saskatchewan. He first started off as a dishwasher and worked his way to the top, and in 1996 he opened his very own Smitty’s in Swift Current Saskatchewan.

General Manger/Owner

Robert Rolufs

Rob was born and raised in Swift current. He started at Smitty’s in 2004 as a dishwasher, and steadily found his passion for cooking.


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